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Our RUF briquettes are made from pure wood, oak and beech sawdust, with no added bark.

Heating briquettes are used as a solid fuel for fireplaces and any type of wood-burning stoves, including solid-fuel boilers. As there are practically no soot (ash) emissions when briquettes and other dust particles are burnt, the smoke is colourless, even transparent. This means that briquettes can be classed as a biological fuel.

RUF briquettes look like small bricks. They are made from waste generated when wood is processed (sawdust, chips, shavings, etc.) and are produced in hydraulic presses under a pressure of 300-400 bars.

Wooden briquettes are becoming more and more popular in Europe every year. Heating briquettes are increasingly popular because they are environmentally-friendly products that give off virtually no smoke when they burn, and are ideal for heating apartments, saunas, tents and greenhouses, are perfect for use in boilers, and burn very well in stoves and fireplaces, barbeques, etc.


Density briquettes, t / m ³ 1100 kg/m3
Calorific, kcal / kg 18,2 MJ/kg
Ash briquettes, % 0,65 %
Water 8,6 %
Combustion duration až 11 hod.

Price including VAT

Packing10 kg / 10 pac. / = 56 CZK,

Pallet 1 tonne / 1,000 kg. / 100 pac. / = 5 400 CZK,

RUF briquettes truck  22 t.-24 t. =5 200 CZK /t.

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